At Sensorberg, we believe a modern workspace significantly impacts the entrepreneurial achievements of the organization.

The key to achieving top performance lies in providing people with the right space and atmosphere they need for individual tasks – be it a meeting room for creative team activities, an isolated room for quiet focus or a proven work desk e.g. for effectively accomplishing a project milestone. Work productivity is further enhanced by adjusting the environmental conditions – including light, humidity, temperature and air quality – to individual preferences and occupancy.

Essentially, smart workspaces facilitate flexible work flows for both, the users and owners of spaces. This results in great team results, a culture of innovation and tangible cost savings.


Mobile App3

– Allows users to interact with the building

– Acts as digital key and smart information system

Access System & Sensor Network

– Enables responsiveness to the users’ needs

– Includes access, light, temperature, noise and air-quality control

Control Center

– Helps operators to organize building workflows

– Manages user access rights, business rules and learnings



The Sensorberg solution does not only drives the well-being of people in workspaces, it is designed to create operational and financial benefits for workspace owners and operators at the same time. And last but not least it creates a clear differentiation to other buildings which again leads to a much higher customer loyalty meaning as a property owner you can choose the best tenants.


The Sensorberg technology deliverers greatest control at the
operator’s hands, featuring:

– easiest plug & play installations,
– highest interoperability with third party components and standards, and
– security suiting your individual needs. Online or offline, whatever you decide


– Whether you want to control air quality, heat, light, noise or alike
– with Sensorberg you have all flexibility at your hand.
– The Sensorberg Access Hub acts as the gateway for the sensors and connects them to the Internet of
– Users interact with the building and its sensors via Smartphone.
– The operators use a web platform to manage the Access Hubs, sensors and users. Not to forget the data that the operator can generate and analyse. based on powerful analytics based on machine learning.
– Operators can choose from different types of backend options to handle their data at the security level they demand.


Our Smart Workspace Solution leverages a unique set of
valuable advantages:

– Meaningful digital services: Smart Workspace provides meaningful added value to workspace users by enabling them to engage with their workspace via one app to open doors, set the light, steer the air quality and more…
– Business case impact: The Sensorberg solution enables tangible cost savings, e.g. for key handling, heating, and lighting.
– Customer Loyalty and Differentiation: Having a modern, flexible and future proof digital building creates not only a clear differentiation towards your competition but also a higher customer loyalty which is an important factor to choose the right tenants.
– Ease of installation: With easy retro-fit sensors and hardware, convenient plug & play installations are feasible.
– Interoperability: The Sensorberg solution features its own Access Hub hardware as well as a manifold of different access systems and sensors which are already available on the market. By leveraging Bluetooth as the key wireless technology, all sensors can interact with any consumer electronics.
– Economic scalability: Sensorberg features the full potential of the Bluetooth 5 Mesh network which allows for large scale yet cost efficient implementations.
– Offline capability: With the local installation of the backend, the service runs offline as well as online, which gives the operator the choice of the level of security.